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Egyptian Themed Package Bundles

Pampering is not just for royalty take time to care for yourself and get your inner and outer God|Goddess going with these Samara Skincare's special offer treatment bundles. We invite you to try our Egyptian themed offerings with a combination of services specially priced and represent a savings off the price of individual services. Package prices do not allow any substitutions of services.

Treat yourself. Spread the word about us and we thank you.
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Eye of Horus - Eye Design Package

Associated with regeneration, health, and prosperity this highly stylized eye of the falcon-headed golden child Horus is most common amulet found in ancient Egypt.

Lash Tint, Brow Tint, and Brow Design - 45 min $70

Month of May Isis Package -
Complimentary Manicure for all Moms

Isis (pronounced eye'sis) is a devoted wife, healer of the sick, and she is wise and loved by all. During the month of May, mother's who schedule a facial will receive a complimentary Essential manicure if they choose. Please let us know when you
reserve your appointment so we can add the 30 minutes to your service time.

Complimentary Essential Manicure with Facial

Ma'at' Feather - Makeover Package

A makeover with Ma'at the Ancient Egyptian goddess of truth and order representing cosmic harmony and universal law. Her symbol, the ostrich feather, is reminder to keep our heart's light.

Radiant Skin Facial, Essential Manicure, and Brow Design - 2 hrs 15 min $135.00

Reemergence of the Goddess: Hathor's Joy - Spa Package

Hathor is a celestial goddess of love, cheerfulness, music, dance and beauty. Treat yourself to to the
Hathor's Joy package which includes a Tranquility Facial, Bikini Wax, Essential Pedicure and a hand-washing ritual.

Tranquility Facial, Bikini Wax, and Essential Pedicure - 2 hrs 30 min $145.00

Great Expectations with Tauret - Head to Toe Treatment

Tauret is the Egyptian hippopotamus goddess who watches over pregnant women and childbirth. (For the Mommy-to-Be) a special head to toe treatment. Please bring your own sandals.

Scalp, Neck and Shoulder Treatment with Posh Pedicure
1 hrs 30 min $90.00
Wedding Package

Golden Ankh Wedding Packages

Ankh is the ancient Egyptian symbol of life. Plan ahead, a series of services is recommended up to one year in advance to get you ready for the ceremony.

Package 1 (For Bride-to-Be)
Radiant Facial, Luxurious Manicure and Posh Pedicure - 3 hrs $160.00
Package 2 (For Groom-to-Be)
Man Up! Facial, Hand and Foot Treatment - 3 hrs $160.00

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